Monday, August 30, 2010

Is It Time To Deal With Iran or is it Now Too Late?

For years now, Iran has been conning the West into believing that they can and will negotiate like sensible human beings. With the help of Russia Iran fueled up their Bushehr nuclear reactor on August 21, 2010. It is now too late to strike it because once fueled, it becomes too dangerous due to the release of radiation. Iran has won a major victory by conning the world. While the Obama administration, Europe and especially the UN play “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil”, Iran has built itself up to a point where they now have long range missiles that can strike parts of Eastern Europe and Israel. They will soon have the capability to strike France, Spain and Germany.
With Iran’s capability to strike Europe and Israel what might we expect? If Iran has somehow secretly been able to produce a nuclear warhead that can be utilized on their missiles, the blackmail could begin. Suppose we don’t even discuss nuclear and assume that they have hundreds of new long range missiles that can strike Europe and Israel. Those alone can cause thousands of deaths. If Iran chooses to make some crazy demand which is not agreed to, i.e. pull U.S Troops out of the Persian Gulf, have Saudi Arabia cut oil production in half, or cut off oil exports to the U.S. and Europe, they can threaten to attack Europe, the Saudi oil fields, or Israel.
The preceding is similar to a scenario in the book, “The Next War”, written in 1996 by Caspar Weinberger (Secretary of Defense under President Reagan) and Peter Schweizer. In their book, Iran makes two nuclear strikes, one in Europe and the other in the Gulf because their demands are not met. Ironically, the nuclear strike by Iran in Italy which is not countered by a strike from Europe is countered by the U.S. This was written 13 years ago!
Besides Israel, Europe is the second most vulnerable, so why wouldn’t Europe defend itself and strike Iran if they were attacked by them? The probable reason is that it’s easier to let the U.S. and Israel act and have them take the blame for any counter attacks or any other repercussions that might occur. The U.S. and Israel should not fall into that trap. Europe has nukes and an army. They should utilize it to protect their Union. Iran has no capability of striking the US with a missile, so it should really be incumbent upon Europe and the other countries in the Persian Gulf to make sure such a scenario never occurs. Europe, the Saudis, Jordan, Turkey, and Israel should be working together to spearhead an attack on Iran’s nuclear sites; we should help, but not be the lead.
Israel, the one country that has been warning us all to do something before Iran gets too powerful, could take the first hit. Israel will have to attack Iran’s nuclear sites just to protect itself; and at the same time, target the new missiles that can strike inside their country. Because of the new long range missiles this must be done soon possibly triggering WWIII. The world would blame Israel; but we know who would really be to blame: the UN Security Council. “Why”? It is the complacency, denial, and apathy of the free world and the UN who sit by as Iran becomes more powerful. This is similar to Hitler’s build up that started WWll. Is history repeating itself?

If nothing is done, what I call the “Perfect Storm” could occur. In the worst case scenario, Iran could strike with all of their strength at Israel, the Saudi oil fields, American troops in the Persian Gulf, and cut off the flow of oil in the Straits of Hormuz. Russia could decide to take advantage of the West’s weak position and take back some of the old USSR. China could decide to take back Taiwan. Who could stop them? NOBODY! The West would be so bogged down in the Persian Gulf, our military would not be able to adequately respond. The chance of the “Perfect Storm” occurring is highly unlikely; it just shows what is possible. All the left wing liberal appeasers who insisted on negotiating (being conned) for 10 plus years, would find their children drafted to fight and die in a war that could have been prevented by dealing with Iran when it first started its nuclear program.
If Iran is not dealt with soon, it will be too late; and my scenario and the one noted in Weinberger’s book could come to fruition. This could result in millions of deaths. Can we let that happen? Presently, the West is negotiating itself right into WWlll. Is the free world stupid enough to wait for Iran to test a nuke before they wake-up? Based on the past, I believe so. I believe that if Israel is refused help in this situation by Obama and the rest of the world, Israel will have to strike with their tactical nuclear weapons. It’s really their only option to significantly reduce retaliatory strikes from Iran. It will strike at Iran, and the world will have quite an awakening. Innocence will then again suffer for the world’s willful ignorance.