Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Is it time to arm our Police better to respond to Active Shooter Incidents?

The attack in San Bernardino California should be a wakeup call for Police countrywide. It raises the question, are our patrol officers who are the first to respond properly equipped to confront active shooters with assault type rifles? The answer is a resounding no, and here is why. With the increasing chance and frequency of this type attacks its almost suicidal for officers armed with 9 MM handguns to confront shooters who are armed with AR-15 type weapons that can be easily converted to fully automatic (machine guns). The reality is that if the shooters in San Bernardino were still active at the scene when police first arrived they would have had the advantage of firepower over patrol officers, and their bullet-proof vests would have been useless against a 5.56 bullet. This could have easily resulted in dead police officers. Police cannot wait for Swat teams to arrive with proper weapons and equipment to engage; Patrol must confront the shooters immediately. The attack in Columbine resulted in a new police response to immediately engage to eliminate the threat and stop the killing. Therefore, patrol officers need to be properly equipped with M-16 automatic rifles and bullet-proof vests that will stop a military type round. Officers should have M-16 rifles mounted and locked in their vehicles and better body armor/helmets that would be used only for these active shooter type incidents. This attack in San Bernardino is the best example that police officers require military type equipment to properly respond. I know there will be those who say that the Police should not have these weapons. However, my response would be, “then you won’t mind if we give you a 9mm and a vest, and you can confront the shooters,” I’m sure no one will volunteer! Police response without this equipment is almost suicidal, and we should make sure that the officers who lay their lives down are given at least an even chance to survive!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

First Officer in Freddie Gray Case Goes to Trial

The main question in this trial, did Freddie Gray die as a result of his own actions or that of the Police? Already the jury pool has been tainted by the city of Baltimore settling with the Gray family for 6.4 million dollars. This is an admission of guilt on the part of the city. This should have been considered after all the trials were finished. This may have been the plan all along to guarantee a conviction. Based on the evidence that I have seen in this case, and I admit I have not seen it all. This has the appearance of a political action and prosecutorial misconduct. I believe PO Porter was specifically put on trial first because he is black and may make a deal to testify against the other officers in the next trials. They tried to persuade PO Porter to break away from the other 2, Sgt. White and PO Goodson and save himself. Officer Porter did not accept the offer by the prosecutors and pleaded not guilty. PO Porter warned PO Goodson (driver of police van) that Gray, required medical attention, although he wasn't sure if Gray was faking!!! He also told Sgt. White the same thing. I believe Porter's culpability here diminished when he informed Sgt. White of his condition, and she did not take charge and have Gray hospitalized. I don’t see Porter being convicted if he has a fair jury. I will be watching the Freddie Gray Case very closely now that the trials will start. This case is being watched by police officers; the result will more than likely dictate how police officers in this country will pro actively respond to criminal behavior, and it may not be good for the inner cities.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Progressive Democrats War on the Police

Since the election of President Obama, there has been a new consistent wave of Progressive politicians bashing the police and utilizing them as pawns in their political games. It’s fairly obvious to me that this country has become more divided then it has ever been in my lifetime. Divide and conquer seems to be the approach of progressives working in conjunction with the liberal main stream media to help push this divide and conquer strategy. Another tactic is to fabricate the illusion of systemic racism to further divide the community. This War on the police is most evident in the inner cities where the race card is the most important factor in the progressive response to EVERYTHING! The progressive message consistently portrays incidents such as Ferguson and Staten Island as examples of police misconduct. When in fact the officers in both instances were exonerated and found to have acted properly. The “Hands up don’t Shoot” lie is still embraced by them and the congressional black caucus even after it was proved it never occurred. However, the truth does not matter to progressives because it does not coincide with their narrative. Mark Twain popularized the term there are three kinds of lies, “lies, damned lies and statistics” that in itself defines the progressives response to everything. They consistently quote erroneous statistics that aren’t well thought out and those who gathered them have a preconceived notion manipulating them to match their agenda. If that doesn't work they revert back to what happened 50 to 100 years ago to try and make it relevant to what is occurring today. Then administer a dose of the race card. In July 2009, Harvard University Professor Henry Gates was arrested by local police who responded to a call of a burglary in progress. President Obama commented on the incident before the investigation was concluded criticizing the police. It turns out Gates's behavior while this incident was taking place became disorderly and Gates ignored warnings by the police to calm down. Gate was consistently and loudly playing the race card, and it was his own actions that lead to the arrest. The President later apologized and had a ridiculous beer summit with the arresting officer which was a complete waste of time. In Sept 2014, President Obama in a speech to the UN invokes what happened in Ferguson MI. He sends the Attorney General Eric Holder to Ferguson MO. Obama states in a speech in Martha Vineyard, he states, “And when something like this happens, the local authorities -- including the police -- have a responsibility to be open and transparent about how they are investigating that death, and how they are protecting the people in their community” The only thing gleaned from that statement is the police investigation lacks integrity, an assumption on the Presidents part reveals his bias. It’s comical to me how the President talks about integrity and transparency while it’s mired in Benghazi and the IRS Scandal. These two instances prove that even before the facts are in, he criticizes the police in their actions. The President and NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio align themselves with Al Sharpton, who is almost always proven to be wrong in criticizing the police and their actions and perpetrating the race card into every incident. More and more Progressive Politicians are aligning themselves with Sharpton to help lend more credibility to his demagoguery. The race and hate card works for liberals so Sharpton is their best friend. Even MSNBC gave Sharpton his own TV show, so he can spew his racist hateful anti police rhetoric. You see one has to conclude that liberals like high crime rates, poverty and unemployment, and it’s their own policies that created it. However, they have an effective lie that blames others for all the inner-city problems, which keeps getting them elected. It’s safe to say that most high-crime areas in this country, especially minority communities are and have been consistently run by liberal Democrats. However, those who vote in those communities still elect liberals who only claim they care. When will minorities wake up and give another party a chance to see what they can do? I have spoken to Police Officers in Chicago, NY, NJ, LA, DC, Detroit and Baltimore and they all say the same thing, the liberal politicians do not back the police. Progressives and their liberal media partners have created an environment where the cops say I will do just exactly what I have to do and nothing further. Therefore Officers are becoming more reactive and no longer pro-active. You see cops aren't punching bags nor do they get paid to get shot or hurt. However, they are willing to take the extra risks because they care, but the progressives are destroying a police officer’s ability to care. So cops say to themselves why should I care if the people and politicians don’t? Why should I stop someone and lose my home, my job and family in a lawsuit if I’m wrong? Here is a question I want to ask, Sharpton and all the other race baiting progressives. Where are you when two black drug dealers shoot it out in a playground and an innocent 5 yr old black child is killed as a result? I can tell you they are nowhere! You must conclude that they don’t care for black children playing safely in the playground of a housing project nor do they care about black on black crime. However, god forbid if a cop, especially a white cop smacks a drug dealer in the face when he’s being arrested. A drug dealer who poisons children in those parts of the city that they represent. This war on the police will have one effect; it will put the minorities in even more danger in their neighborhoods, and the police will stop caring. The liberals will then get what they want and turn another city into a combat zone. It’s time for all Law Enforcement agencies to start promoting a consistent, loud message to Americans about all the good they do every day. In time this will drown out the false message perpetrated by progressives and their lies will no longer be embraced. Harry J Houck Jr.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Cost of Exaggerated Tolerance in France

France paid a high price this week for its exaggerated tolerance of radical Islam by allowing them to create their own country and laws within its country. There are approximately eight (8) NO-GO Zones in France where the Police cannot go into without permission of the IMAM responsible for that zone. This weakness empowered radical Islam to interpret that to a point which created the environment for terrorists to exist. If France now decides to police the No-Go ZONES, this may create another problem with that community and may cause even more terror attacks because they believe their Zone is sovereign. France has created a huge problem for itself but must now take back these zones whatever the cost! Let this be a warning sign for the world and all countries that welcome foreigners to their country and let them structure their own form of government and laws within its borders. The first sign that a group of people want to do this should be a red flag indicating that they eventually want to take over your government. France willingly failed to recognize it; innocent civilians are dead because of an incompetent politically-correct government. Most people flee their own country because they want to make a better life for themselves and their families. Who would flee Sharia Law just to live under it again in a democratic state? The answer is those who wish to change that government to live by Sharia Law. It’s that simple and recognizable, and many are blind to that fact. You have to admire the courage of the people killed at the French magazine Charlie Hebdo. These people stood by their beliefs and died because of it. They were fully aware that someday they might be killed and still with ongoing threats they faced it head on and were true patriots and heroes. We must make sure that they did not die in vain and that the French government recognizes their sacrifice to make changes in France and the threat of this happening again is significantly reduced. We need a real worldwide plan to defeat Islamic Terrorists just like we had a plan to destroy the Nazis in WW2. The west needs to wake up and finally realize that this is WW3 and the only way to defeat this threat is by all the allies working together. These terrorists have established bases all over the world, and we sit back and wait for them to get stronger as we did with the Nazis. We must act now and unite against this enemy because if we don’t. There is no doubt in my mind that someday a nuke will go off somewhere in the west, and then it may be too late.