Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Cost of Exaggerated Tolerance in France

France paid a high price this week for its exaggerated tolerance of radical Islam by allowing them to create their own country and laws within its country. There are approximately eight (8) NO-GO Zones in France where the Police cannot go into without permission of the IMAM responsible for that zone. This weakness empowered radical Islam to interpret that to a point which created the environment for terrorists to exist. If France now decides to police the No-Go ZONES, this may create another problem with that community and may cause even more terror attacks because they believe their Zone is sovereign. France has created a huge problem for itself but must now take back these zones whatever the cost! Let this be a warning sign for the world and all countries that welcome foreigners to their country and let them structure their own form of government and laws within its borders. The first sign that a group of people want to do this should be a red flag indicating that they eventually want to take over your government. France willingly failed to recognize it; innocent civilians are dead because of an incompetent politically-correct government. Most people flee their own country because they want to make a better life for themselves and their families. Who would flee Sharia Law just to live under it again in a democratic state? The answer is those who wish to change that government to live by Sharia Law. It’s that simple and recognizable, and many are blind to that fact. You have to admire the courage of the people killed at the French magazine Charlie Hebdo. These people stood by their beliefs and died because of it. They were fully aware that someday they might be killed and still with ongoing threats they faced it head on and were true patriots and heroes. We must make sure that they did not die in vain and that the French government recognizes their sacrifice to make changes in France and the threat of this happening again is significantly reduced. We need a real worldwide plan to defeat Islamic Terrorists just like we had a plan to destroy the Nazis in WW2. The west needs to wake up and finally realize that this is WW3 and the only way to defeat this threat is by all the allies working together. These terrorists have established bases all over the world, and we sit back and wait for them to get stronger as we did with the Nazis. We must act now and unite against this enemy because if we don’t. There is no doubt in my mind that someday a nuke will go off somewhere in the west, and then it may be too late.