Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Is it time to arm our Police better to respond to Active Shooter Incidents?

The attack in San Bernardino California should be a wakeup call for Police countrywide. It raises the question, are our patrol officers who are the first to respond properly equipped to confront active shooters with assault type rifles? The answer is a resounding no, and here is why. With the increasing chance and frequency of this type attacks its almost suicidal for officers armed with 9 MM handguns to confront shooters who are armed with AR-15 type weapons that can be easily converted to fully automatic (machine guns). The reality is that if the shooters in San Bernardino were still active at the scene when police first arrived they would have had the advantage of firepower over patrol officers, and their bullet-proof vests would have been useless against a 5.56 bullet. This could have easily resulted in dead police officers. Police cannot wait for Swat teams to arrive with proper weapons and equipment to engage; Patrol must confront the shooters immediately. The attack in Columbine resulted in a new police response to immediately engage to eliminate the threat and stop the killing. Therefore, patrol officers need to be properly equipped with M-16 automatic rifles and bullet-proof vests that will stop a military type round. Officers should have M-16 rifles mounted and locked in their vehicles and better body armor/helmets that would be used only for these active shooter type incidents. This attack in San Bernardino is the best example that police officers require military type equipment to properly respond. I know there will be those who say that the Police should not have these weapons. However, my response would be, “then you won’t mind if we give you a 9mm and a vest, and you can confront the shooters,” I’m sure no one will volunteer! Police response without this equipment is almost suicidal, and we should make sure that the officers who lay their lives down are given at least an even chance to survive!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

First Officer in Freddie Gray Case Goes to Trial

The main question in this trial, did Freddie Gray die as a result of his own actions or that of the Police? Already the jury pool has been tainted by the city of Baltimore settling with the Gray family for 6.4 million dollars. This is an admission of guilt on the part of the city. This should have been considered after all the trials were finished. This may have been the plan all along to guarantee a conviction. Based on the evidence that I have seen in this case, and I admit I have not seen it all. This has the appearance of a political action and prosecutorial misconduct. I believe PO Porter was specifically put on trial first because he is black and may make a deal to testify against the other officers in the next trials. They tried to persuade PO Porter to break away from the other 2, Sgt. White and PO Goodson and save himself. Officer Porter did not accept the offer by the prosecutors and pleaded not guilty. PO Porter warned PO Goodson (driver of police van) that Gray, required medical attention, although he wasn't sure if Gray was faking!!! He also told Sgt. White the same thing. I believe Porter's culpability here diminished when he informed Sgt. White of his condition, and she did not take charge and have Gray hospitalized. I don’t see Porter being convicted if he has a fair jury. I will be watching the Freddie Gray Case very closely now that the trials will start. This case is being watched by police officers; the result will more than likely dictate how police officers in this country will pro actively respond to criminal behavior, and it may not be good for the inner cities.