Friday, August 4, 2017

Mueller impanels Grand Jury ??

It’s no surprise to me that Mueller has or will impanel a grand jury to investigate the Russian interference and collusion allegations. This is typical in federal probes, and it’s utilized to issue subpoenas, hear testimony from witnesses and in the end to determine whether or not real evidence/probable cause exists to charge someone with a crime otherwise known as an indictment. Grand Juries do not determine guilt or innocence!

We may know from a report that a subpoena has been issued in connection with the meeting Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner had with a Russian Lawyer who supposedly had dirt on Hillary Clinton. The meeting itself was NOT illegal; however, Mueller’s, team has to investigate this meeting as part of its probe as it should, this also is not surprising.

 Here is what we don’t know, whether or not President Trump is being investigated, the Presidents Attorneys stated that “they have no reason to believe that President Trump is under investigation.” A report by Blomberg news on July 20, 2017, indicates that the special counsel is investigating Trump's business transactions and their source is “someone close to the investigation.” Now 3 sources “close to the investigation,” said a Grand Jury has been empaneled. We don’t know if this is true and if it is, Mueller’s team is leaking information. I conclude if Mueller doesn't say it, then, we don’t know what’s happening and all “sources close to the investigation” should not be taken seriously until confirmed!